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Pearl 3Q NTV What’s the difference?

✔️Does not cause obesity for children
✔️Support digestion, help laxative
✔️Can be used with hot dishes (not melted when cooked, not clumped when refrigerated)
✔️3Q pearl is both crunchy and chewy, made from special carrageenan that does not cause obesity in children, you just need to try a piece of the lumpy feeling.
✔️3Q pearls are “instant” pearls that don’t need to be processed before being used. Therefore, you can save cooking time, and use it for a longer time than the cooked pearls. Both save time and bring high economic efficiency.
✔️Delicious flavors with a wide choice of flavors and caramel flavors combined with caramelized waves to stimulate the taste buds of users.
✔️Suitable for all types of beverage such as milk tea, tea, yogurt, …
✔️CONTACT ORDER to receive the benefits of the month of NTV FOOD.
✔️CONTACT – ZALO: 0963 849 486 (Mrs. Dien)

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