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Delicious Lumpy with Vera Jelly

Thach Nha Dam is one of the indispensable ingredients in the making of milk tea, fruit tea … bringing attractive colors, unique flavors that create highlights and highlights for beverages.
🌵 Vera Jelly has soft seeds, slightly chewy, light sweet taste with natural aloe vera aroma that is often used as a topping for soft drinks and desserts, such as:
🍹 Milk tea topping.
🍹 Fruit tea topping.
🥤 Topping shaved ice.
🥤 Yogurt topping.
🌵 Aloe vera works to help purify the body, beautify and brighten the skin, limit the aging process of the skin, good for health.
💯 Everyone can use #Thạch_nha_đam_Vera_Jelly in a convenient, safe, quality, low cost and very easy to store.
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☎️ CONTACT BUY: 0963 849 486 (Ms. Dien)
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