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How to make simple coconut jelly at home anyone can do

Share how to make delicious coconut jelly at home, anyone can do it. Being able to add a little ice to the coconut jelly when eaten will be very delicious.

Coconut jelly – A delicious snack without blemish

Coconut jelly has long been a favorite dish of Vietnamese people in the summer. This is a dish formed from the fermentation process of hard coconut water and the bacterium Acetobacter Xylinum to form mucous membranes that crystallize to polymerize into complexes of Hemicellulose.

With coconut jelly made from technology like that, and coconut jelly made at home, what will be like? If made at home, coconut jelly will look almost transparent in white, but very fragrant and sweet. In snacks such as fruit beams, smoothies, we can add coconut jelly to create the whole dish deliciousness.


Coconut jelly is a snack that many people like (Source: Internet)

There are many ways to make coconut jelly, depending on your taste and taste you can choose a coconut jelly you like best to make and enjoy.

Option 1: make coconut jelly with jelly

The ingredients to make a delicious coconut jelly dish are not too difficult to find include:

Jelly powder. Should choose 10g flexible fish jelly powder. It’s easy to find at supermarkets and most grocery stores do.
1.5 liters of fresh coconut water
150g of rock sugar
200ml coconut milk
Coconut with whole fruit to store jelly.


Ingredients for making coconut jelly with jelly (Source: Internet)

How to make coconut jelly

Step 1:

You put 1.5 liters of coconut water in the pot and then pour the jelly slowly into the pot. Use a spoon to stir in one direction to dissolve the mixture. Heat the mixture over medium heat. Note that when you add the jelly, you must stir it constantly to avoid clumping jelly.

Step 2:

Continue to boil the mixture of flour above with 150g of rock sugar and stir well. After boiling for about 10 minutes, we add the mixture of hot jelly water to the coconut.

Leave a little jelly in the pot and continue to cook until the jelly does not freeze, add 200ml of coconut milk and stir well. Do not wait for a long time as coconut milk can damage the jelly.

Step 3:

After the jelly layer in the coconut is seized, pour the jelly layer mixed with coconut milk on top. Cool and put coconut jelly in the refrigerator cooler to use gradually.


Coconut jelly unique sweet and fragrant jelly (Source: Internet)

Method 2: make raw coconut jelly

  • 100 g of raw coconut jelly
  • 200 g of rock sugar
  • Some pineapple leaves
  • Water


Step 1: Soak raw coconut jelly in clean water for about 3 hours. Every 1 hour, squeeze the water, wash it, then change the water once. This is done to remove the sour yeast smell from the coarse agar.
Step 2: After the raw agar is cleaned, mix 200g of alum sugar with filtered water and let the raw agar soak for about 1 hour.
Step 3: Put the pot of raw sugar-alum jelly on the stove to boil. Add a few pineapple leaves to cook together, if there is not enough water, you can add a little more to cover the agar seeds.
Step 4: When the coconut jelly pot has been boiling, turn off the heat. Wait for the mixture to cool, then place it in a bag or box in the refrigerator cooler. Due to the lack of preservatives, homemade raw coconut jelly can only be used for 10 days.


Adding the pineapple leaves to the coconut jelly will taste better (Source: Internet)

Tips for making coconut jelly more delicious

For coconut jelly made of jelly:

To make the coconut jelly more delicious and attractive, use more chopped young coconut rice mixed in coconut jelly.
In the process of pouring the agar you should leave the unused agar water on the stove on the lowest heat, avoid the jelly from freezing and stir occasionally. After the jelly has been poured, wait for it to cool, then keep the refrigerator for 2 hours so you can take out the jelly, cut the pieces into a plate to enjoy.
Time to preserve coconut jelly in the refrigerator is about 2 days and you should not leave it for longer because the fat in coconut milk easily changes, adversely affects our body.

For raw sugar alum coconut jelly

You should wash it thoroughly to get rid of the sour yeast smell in the raw coconut jelly. Because of this smell, if still, it will lose the taste of coconut jelly.


Coconut jelly can be eaten with tea or fruit juice. (Source: Internet)

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