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The nutritional value of coconut water

Coconut has always been considered as a valuable source of healthy nutrients. Young coconut water is one of the most nutritious water types and one of the best sources of electrolytes. It is rich in chloride, potassium and magnesium and contains a fair amount of sugar, salt and protein. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and quickly quenches thirst due to salt loss in the body. It is also very effective in replacing electrolyte water during diarrhea. Free of fat, cholesterol and more, it also helps to improve the good cholesterol in the body.

The nutritional value of coconut water

Drinking coconut water is very beneficial for the body, because in coconut water contains many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, chloride, Vitamin A, E. In addition, it also works to reduce blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, Helps improve bone and teeth health.

Coconut water is also used to replace dairy products, especially for those who are lactose intolerant, it is possible to drink coconut water and still receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Another health benefit of coconut water is that it helps the body strengthen the immune system, fight off pathogenic bacteria, because the coconut water contains lauric acid, which has antibacterial, bacterial, viral, and fungal properties. . Therefore, coconut water can help repel bacteria from entering the stomach, prevent colds, colds, sore throats as well as a variety of other illness symptoms.

Lauric acid in coconut water also supports “power” for the heart and blood vessels to always function properly. The presence of lauric acid, along with some saturated fats and other beneficial acidic ingredients, also helps fight heart disease or atherosclerosis.

Coconut water is also considered as a natural remedy at home, helping to care for healthy skin and hair, helping to regenerate skin and hair and prevent skin and hair diseases.

This is also a “perfect” food that promotes effective weight loss, adding coconut water to your daily diet can help you maintain a reasonable weight. The saturated, saturated fats found in coconut water will help the body quickly convert it to energy instead of storing it as fat.

There are many antioxidants found in coconut water that can help prevent cancers, skin aging, wrinkles, poor vision, and bone problems.

Adding coconut water to the diet is also very good for the digestive system, in addition to making the digestive process easier, it also has antibacterial properties that cause bloating, indigestion in the stomach.

Some notes when drinking coconut water

According to Tue Tinh’s male pharmacopoeia book, coconut fruit is sweet, neutral, non-toxic, effective in eliminating leprosy, useful gas, pepper edema, except diarrhea, mind trouble, detoxification. Sterile coconut water is also used as a solution for intravenous infusion, diarrhea treatment.

However, should not abuse coconut water (drink more than 3-4 days and drink continuously for many days). According to folk experience, improper drinking coconut water will suffer from some reactions such as:

– Going outside in the hot sun, when you come home, because you are thirsty, drinking too much coconut water will “hit” with symptoms: chills, bloating, heat or high fever.

– Before the sport competition, if you drink too much coconut water, it will make your hands and feet dehydrate, reducing the flexibility and quick reflexes needed.

– People with yin-yang organs such as pale skin, soft, cool muscles, cold hands and feet, slow digestion, eat less, less thirst, like to drink warm, easily get diarrhea, soft stools, people heavy, messy, slow … don’t use coconut water.

The reason is that, according to traditional medicine, coconuts (as well as many kinds of fruits containing a lot of water such as watermelon, squash …) have a lot of low air, often hindering the activities of the spleen. Therefore, when drinking coconut water in the above cases, it will bring too much gas into the body, causing dysfunction of the body.

When drinking coconut water for refreshment, a little salt should be added for conditioning. Coconut water mixed with pennywort juice is also a very good beverage, heat, poison, laxative. However, those with organs as mentioned above, should pay attention to avoid any disadvantages when using.

Ways of processing coconut water

Drink it directly: If you do not have time to process, you can add coconut and drink water directly, no need to add sugar anymore.

Coconut jelly: Coconut jelly without sugar is a completely natural jelly, made by your own hands will ensure hygiene and have a delicious, nutritious dessert.

Jelly coconut jelly: Made from jelly and coconut water, the fruits are completely cool for the body of pregnant women.

In addition to coconut water, pregnant women can also absorb nutrients from coconut water through dishes processed with coconut water: coconut meat, beef stew in coconut water, braised chicken with coconut water …

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